Our miraculous story

An illustrated book for children who came into the world thanks to assisted reproduction.

Time for a miraculous story

The time will come when parents will have to move from thinking to an explanation. There are not so many children born with the help of assisted reproduction, and these children will one day be interested in the answer to the question "How did I come into the world?". In search of answers to these inquisitive questions, this book "Our Miraculous Story" may be just the right helper to clearly and sensitively show children the unique way in which they came into the world.


About the author

PhDr. Denisa Hledíková, MBA

She has worked in the field of assisted reproduction since 2010, and has guided hundreds of couples towards the dream of a family. She had the opportunity to gain experience in clinics in Czech Republic and at the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz in Vienna.

The idea to create this book was born when working abroad, inspired by many similar publications by foreign authors. A similar product has been missing on the Czech market and this is the first and only one of its kind.

"I had the opportunity to speak with many parents who have children with the help of assisted reproduction, and most of them were honest with their children. However, they agree that if they had had something to help them, the process would have been easier and less stressful. I would like both parents of these children and those around them not to perceive assisted reproduction as something strange, or perhaps something to be ashamed of. The main idea is that children are conceived in love. The way that love turns into life is, in my opinion, beside the point," says author Denisa Hledíková

The author is the founder of the publishing house

Why is the book useful?


There is a place to write child's personal information so they can better identify with the book.


The book features places to paste family photos and photos from an ultrasound.


There is a special bedtime story written by acclaimed psychotherapist Eveline Paula Leitl, MSc.


Beautiful illustrations



Eveline Paula Leitl MSc.

Eveline Paula Leitl was born in 1949 in Vienna. She is a recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, mediator, but also a coach, NLP Master Practitioner certificate and is also devoted to acting.

Since 1991 she has helped couples deal with the unfulfilled desire for a child. She worked until 1996 at the Institut für Sterilitätsbetreuung, and since 2001 at the Vienna Clinic for the Treatment of Fertility Disorders, the Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz, and in her own private practice.

Visual empathy

Dao Thuy Linh

Linh was born in Hanoi, where she spent considerable part of her life. After acclimating to the slightly different climate in Bohemia, she went into art and studied illustration in Brno and later animation in Zlín.

She survives mainly on potato chips and green tea.

Other information can be found at www.daolinh.com

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